Lonely Boy Mag. (No. A-2: Boys and Their Cars)

Lonely Boy Mag. (No. A-2: Boys and Their Cars)

Edition of 1000
Designed by Jenny Tondera
Publication date, June, 2011
64 pages, 5.4×8.5in, color offset, staple-bound

The second in a series of men’s magazines, this issue features text and photographs by Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Chad States and erotic dioramas by Peter Davidson.

$18 Buy it here

         $18 Buy it here

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  1. armida silver said, on June 16, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Hello Soth,

    My name is Armida Silver, I am a photographer and artist from the West Coast (San Diego, CA to be exact) and saw the promo of your show through a link my photography teacher from the UK sent me. Wanted to let you know how word gets around. I have something I am in the middle of which is still on the ground floor being re-vampt for the sake of my investors. It is called quickluv,com, I am looking for another artist/photographer to join in on the ground level, or maybe we could also help you with some shoots, I love your concept of ” lonely-boys” and know our gay community out here would jump on the idea, so if you need any Cali subjects, let me know, you know how everyone wants their 15 min of fame, let me know. Thanks


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