New Continental Picture Show

Posted in Videos by Alec Soth on September 13, 2010

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Las Vegas Birthday Slideshow (and book / sculpture)

Posted in LBM Books, Videos by Alec Soth on January 4, 2010

I turned 40 last Wednesday. My wife took me to Las Vegas. I made a slideshow.

To see this video a little bit larger, go to the LBM A/V page.

I also made a book and sculpture. See them here. (And buy them here).

I hope you enjoy my midlife crisis…

Book of the Year: ‘Riley & His Story’ by Monica Haller

Posted in Photobooks (general), Videos by Alec Soth on December 28, 2009

Soon after posting my Top 10 list, I learned about Monica Haller’s book, Riley and his story. Me and my outrage. You and us.’ Published in November by Onestar press/Fälth & Hässler, the book consists of hundreds of photographs by Riley Sharbonno, an army nurse who served at Abu Ghraib prison from 2004-2005. But it’s Monica Haller’s stunning methodology for organizing these images that makes this the book of the year.

→With only a thousand copies in print (and most of them in Europe), I’d recommend purchasing this pronto before it sells out.

Since Monica happens to live in Minnesota, I quickly contacted her. She graciously agreed to an impromptu interview in my bunker library.

To see this video a little bit larger, go to the LBM A/V page.
For more information about Riley and His Story, go here.