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Posted in Bookstore by LBM on March 17, 2011

Lonely Boy Mag. (No. A-1: Alec Soth’s Midwestern Exotica)
Edition of 1000
Designed by Alec Soth
Publication date, March, 2011
64 pages, 5.4×8.5in, color offset, staple-bound
$18 Buy it here

The first in a series of men’s magazines, this issue features poetry, erotic text, pictures of ex-girlfriends and a photo-story by Soth.

More pictures here

Conductors of the Moving World
by Brad Zellar
Edition of 500
Designed by Hans Seeger
Publication date, March 2011
30 pages, french-folded, 6.625×7.875in, custom side stapled
B/W offset with 17 hand-tipped, color photographs

$55 All proceeds go to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief. Buy it here

More images here

In the autumn of 1972, a delegation of Japanese police officials visited the United States to study traffic control in several large cities, including New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The unofficial photographer for the delegation was Eizo Ota, an inspector with the law enforcement department of the Yamanashi Prefecture, and he produced a record of the group’s travels that might best be described as forensic tourism.

Using Inspector Ota’s snapshots as launching points, Brad Zellar plundered traffic manuals, haiku anthologies, the Watergate transcripts, and The Godfather for textual inspiration. The mysterious result is a Zen travelogue through 1972 America.

From a collection of 60 C-Prints, a mix-and-match assortment of 17 will be hand-tipped into individual volumes, making each book a singular work of art.

$55 All proceeds go to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief. Buy it here

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