Mr. Boletus

Posted in Flotsam by lesterbmorrison on February 7, 2010

Hey Osage, did you see this recent profile on J.D. Salinger in the New Yorker? I always knew he had LBM qualities, but get a load of this:

“I spent a wonderful afternoon with him going around San Francisco’s Chinatown, looking at exotic mushrooms, roots, and herbs. Jerry had an encyclopedic knowledge of mushrooms, and often travelled under the alias Mr. Boletus, which was one of his favorite varieties.”


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  1. osagegelder said, on February 8, 2010 at 11:25 am

    When I think of JDS, I think about Field of Dreams. Wasn’t it Kevin Costner’s mission to ease the pain of LBM writer, played by James Earl Jones, who hadn’t been out to a baseball game in years (decades)?

    Are you ready for some hot stove talk, now that the padded behemoths have left the field?


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