Sébastien Girard: Nothing But Home

Posted in Photobooks (general) by Alec Soth on January 20, 2010

Those following Little Brown Miscellanea know that I recently acquired Sébastien Girard’s book, Nothing But Home. There has been a lot of buzz about this book lately. Markus Schaden listed it in his Top Ten list. And Jeffrey Ladd recently wrote an enthusiastic review. I too was really taken with this book. It reminds me of another recent favorite, Michel Campeau’s Darkroom. Just as Campeau explored the cramped jerry-rigging of darkrooms with the eye of a longtime user, Girard photographs his home renovation with the homeowner’s mix of affection/exasperation.

The remarkable thing about Girard’s book is that it is, in fact, homemade. Self-published by Girard and printed in his hometown of Toulouse, the production value is exceptionally high. But with an edition of only 500 (and a special edition of 100 with print and red cover), this book retains a true homespun spirit.

More info about the book here.

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