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Posted in Instax Reviews, Photobooks (general) by carrielizabethompson on December 31, 2009

All The Days and Nights by Doug DuBois

The Known World by Anne Hall and Sophie Morner

Yuki Yuki by Dino Simonett

Pretend You’re Actually Alive by Leigh Ledare

Omizuao by Masao Yamamoto

How do these books make you feel?


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  1. bob black said, on January 1, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    like Alec, i’m a writer/photographer who has a life-long hard-one and need for books…physical and in the skull….

    if i werent a poor artist married to another poor artist raising a 15 year old in an expensive n.american city, i’d snap up all 5…

    as a family who also makes our own hand-made photo/text books, i gotta shout out u r representing big time here lbm :)))))))))

    keep ’em comming


  2. bob black said, on January 1, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Yo Cet….

    since Alec is on the mountain, can u pass him along a message…..just got out of the cave (plato and otherwise) myself ;)), but have meant to share/introduce him to this person for a long long time…

    here goes;

    Alec: for my money, one of the FINEST curators on the planet….well, she’s more than a curator: a thinker, an artist, a tactician, an original…she’s one of the golden reason’s we’ve stayed her in toronto….anyway, are you familiar with

    Ydessa Hendeles

    i’ve been to her ‘shows’ each of the last 4 years …..

    I dont know how to explain her Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation….except, it’s (for me) like going to

    from her show 3 years ago, about teddy bears ;)))

    her show Predators and Prey was, well….imagine Bultanski (his stuff was included) with Marker and Celan and toss in your grandmothers stories + a bowl of borsch and u get the picture…

    ok, just go….:))

    if u come to town, go go go…

    and i’ll buy u a whiskey


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